Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Painting the Familiar on the Strange

Got some new paper. Arches, hot pressed satin. Loving it so far.  I was getting tired of fighting the texture of the cold pressed block, but It took me a while to realize I could simply change my paper.

With the cold press, even the fine grain stuff seemed opinionated, imposing it's own agenda on my sketches. With this new block the marks go down unchanged by the paper, so no more excuses. And it dries much quicker, so there is less time to futz around (probably a good thing, as I can be rather futzy).

I painted this joint on Metropolitain Ave, across from Kellog's Diner, in glorious Brooklyn. I've heard writers are encouraged to "write what you know".  If that holds true for painters,  I may have stumbled over my genre. Bummer.